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Best bicolor southern region 2007 best tabby and white southern region 2007 best tabby and white nationally 2007. Pets and animals for sale in columbia, ohio puppy and. Tortoiseshell persian and grandmother of many beautiful kitties at old castle. Female kittens may be tortie, patched tabby, tortie point, or tortie lynx in above colors. Blue patched mackerel tabby persian tortoiseshell tabby, persian cats, all. Organism that is capable of causing a disease brown patched tabby with white siberian cat. Pure royalty persians show himalayan cream point spectacular persian. Sweet loving selkirk rex kittenscats to loving homes. As soon as he sees you and quick to begin purring, he comes running up to you.

Persian long coat cat in columbus, oh 27972021 persian columbus, oh. The first persian cat was presented at the first organized cat show, in 1871 in the crystal palace in london, england, organized by harrison weir. Persians and exotics past kittens candystar cattery. Brown tabby with or without white, patched tabby, solid black, black smoke, silver tabby, blue tabby. Persian kitten application pelaqita persian cats and. Blue eyed white persian kittens for sale for sale in medway. Whinnies n whiskers farm, 22090 woodsfield rd, sarahsville. His daughter cotton candy kisses made 2 finals in the parma, ohio show ch kozy brooke of purrden me. In 2019, the show was held on october 12 in cleveland, ohio. Persian cats persian cats for sale persians kittens for sale. Its basically a tortie or a calico cat where the black patches are brown tabby instead of solid black. Famous cat purrinlots annas gift worlds first blue. This sweet female persian kitten is 10 12 weeks old and will be leaving for her show hom in just a few weeks. Dog and cat breeders are regulated by the texas department of licensing and regulation, p.

Persians for sale in columbus cats on oodle classifieds. Cats that have random patches of different colors are known as tortoiseshell tortie, if the markings are tabby, the cats are called patched tabbies torbie. Persian cats persian cats for sale persians kittens. In the late 1950s a spontaneous mutation in red and red tabby persians gave rise to the. The persian kittens pictured on this page are kittens that rocky mountain persians have previously placed into their forever homes. Shes an aj baby and gorgeous with a wonderful sweet personality she loved the show. Exotic shorthair silver patched tabby and white exotic shorthair show male cfa eshikittycats stunning silver patched tabby and white exotic shorthair cfa exotic shorthair kitten b calif city, california. Persian, bluetortiesilvertabby bluepatchedsilvertabby. Was the first kitty born of this litter and the biggest kitten.

The persian breed has won best of show thirteen times at the cfa international cat show. His daughter cotton candy kisses made 2 finals in the parma, ohio show. We have several grand champions and supreme champions. Find persians for sale in columbus on oodle classifieds. Breeding mommas from champion and grand champion stock. Pelaqita persians healthy persian kittens for sale health guarantee.

Our kittens come in all colors, red, blue, black, tortoiseshell, patched tabby, brown tabby. Find dogs, puppies, cats, most popular pet advertising site for pedigree and non pedigree dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and other pets. There are a total of 95 different persian colors of which 26 are chocolate and lilac. Grc purrinlot annas gift brown patch tabby and white cfas first and only blue eyed bicolor grand champion.

Veterinary health certificate provided at time of sale. Day oh true reflection x day oh let me call you sweetheart. Pure royalty persians golden or silver shaded himalayan. Continue viewing the calico and bicolor gallery by selecting another pageletter from the. With their long and varied history, the persian has remained at the forefront of the species, and the blueeyed white persian is widely recognized as the most elegant. Basic persian and exotic color genetics showcatsonline. Blue smoked persian kitten of pure royalty persians in cleveland, ohio. She is at 3 pounds and is getting along fabulously with my other persian and my dog. This little girl is named hannah and she is looking for a loving family to adopt her.

Snowman is a silver, blue, mackerel tabby and white van. The dilute blue is matched with dilute cream tabby. Contact us today to learn more info about our kittens. Female kitten 9619 adoption pending this adorable little girl was born 51119 has been vet checked received 2 sets of shots so far been wormed and is ready for. Male orange tabby cat 4 yrs old this cat is looking for a lot of attention. Breeding cats tested for hcm by echocardiogram and are dna negative. Cfa and tica registered breeding exotic shorthair cats and kittens.

Persian kittens for salewe have gorgeous golden kittens all. What looked like a bluecream turned into a blue patched tabby, patina and all. Maine lvrs cattery is located in northeastern ohio. We started raising persian and exotics shorthairs cats about 10 years ago. Gc cfa gc tica ic fife demanch milkshake of candystat d. Blue patched mackerel tabby persian beautiful cats, fluffy cat. The brown patched is both a brown tabby and a red tabby on different parts of its body.

Breeding cats hip certified by xray to assure good hip rating. Once you remove the first modifier in either case, the second is easier to identify. There are three types of bicolors low bicolors see middle cat meaning low white showing on the legs or just toes of the cat, medium bicolors see left cat meaning medium white showing on all the understand of the cat including the chest and high bicolors see right cat mostly white with patches. Color possibilities are chocolate, lilac, blue and black in tabby, pointed, lynx point and solid. Persian cat coat patterns and colors pet central by chewy. Silver classic torbie classic silver tortoiseshell tabby.

The persian cat is a longhaired breed of cat characterized by its round face and short muzzle. She loves people mina is the calico girl on the left, shes running for her regional win. Grc milbury dragonfly in amber, crw aka amber from our 2016 fall litters. The persian is known around the world as one of the most regal, gorgeous breeds of pedigreed cat. Persians come in such a wide variety of colors and are divided into 7 color categories in the cfa persian standard. A patched tabby with a lot of white, like a calico, has large distinct patches of color, and is sometimes called a patterned calico, calico tabby, or caliby. Silver patched tabby persian female 201718 show season.

Learn the differences between tabby cat patterns right here. Excellent breeding, show and pet quality cats and kittens. If your interested in a persian i have one for you. Blue patched tabby and white, female needs a forever home. Tabby persian article 2000 the cat fanciers association, inc.

Milbury syllabelle, cnw from our 2016 spring litters. We cant wait to see what beautiful kittens frank produces in 2020. Browse our site for your next family companion cat or kitten pet, breeder or show quality in the chocolate lilac color spectrum at. Cfa registered brown patch tabby and white female persian kitten born. Bicolor persian females deden lover fare catmary pljantar fashioncat new arrivals past kittens deden lover 2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 20 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007.

Eldridges classic blue tabby male persian now resides in vermont. Chocolate persians kittens l lilac chocolate persian cats l. This one can be confusing you can either remove the tabby, leaving a smoke tortie, or you can remove the smoke, leaving a brown patched tabby. My kittens colors range from silver, black, blue, cream, red, cameo and smokes as well as subtle variations within these colors including tabbies and bicolors. Our experience with this breed spans over 25 years, including the breeding and showing of international and. Best of breed gc, bwi siam aqua teint idole of gawalin. Chrishanna jewelett of purrfectgems 03 oct 1998 11891237163 v0500ddekzv lo 320026 blue patched tabby white persian. The word tabby is thought to have originated in the attabi quarter of baghdad in ancient persia, where silks and cottons were produced in different colors and patterns.

Tabbies for sale in columbus cats on oodle classifieds. Exotic shorthair for sale in united states hoobly classifieds. Oct 28, 20 this sweet female persian kitten is 10 12 weeks old and will be leaving for her show hom in just a few weeks. Snowman has beautiful overall balance with big boning, round, prominent doming, large beautiful wide set copper eyes, nicely spaced small ears and a short tail.

My name is twinkle, a nine year old blue tabby persian. Cats carrying the mackerel tabby lines see tabbies tend to appear. Patched tabby cat definition,meaning online encyclopedia. Cfa persian tabby male kitten for sale in mogadore, ohio. A patched tabby and white or torbie and white may have any amount of white. Hannah bluesilver patched tabby persian kitten youtube. Sire of fife double world winner 201112 sc parti wai bon jovi of garfielcats. Colbetz cattery male blue tabby persian cpc kitten youtube. Gc cfa, gc tica, ic fife demanch milkshake of candystar. Exotic shorthair cats and kittens for sale at ziakatz.

Silverdance persians breedstandard of persians tabby. Cfa persian tabby male kitten for sale in mogadore. Day oh let me call you sweet heart 27 aug 2003 11871487661 v0906 brown patched tabby white persian. Select one i will be picking up the kitten from your home i will be flying to ohio and picking up the kitten from your home and then flying back to my home with the. Gc seder rennes christos of dayoh 18 jul 2002 11401414221 v0903 redwhite van persian. Persian kittens for sale 5 star rated persian breeder. Join millions of people using oodle to find kittens for adoption, cat and kitten listings, and other pets adoption.

Kittens can leave leave the weekend of june th, when they are ten weeks old. So with that you could get a classic patterned patched tabby cat or a macarel patterned patched cat. The show was traditionally held the weekend before thanksgiving. Patched tabby in some organizations tortie tabby frequently tortie blotched and tortie mackerel together is called patched tabby. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the usa. These cats are actually a combination of two tabby colors on one cat. Located in baltimore, maryland, purfect gift cattery, persians cats and kittens sales and adoption, show quality persians, maryland, cfa registered, persian cats.

A wide variety of classified ads buy, rent, sell and find anything teacup persian kittens listings. Stunning silver patched tabby and white exotic shorthair. Persian 34 persian 14 himalayan 6 kittens born 3720. Persian kittens for salecfa registered cat breeder of quality, healthy perisan. The blue patches are solid blue, and the cream patches are cream tabby. Colbetz blue danube danny is cfa registered persian kitten born aug 26th, 2011. Kitten buyer is solely responsible for making delivery arrangements. Persian cats and kittens can no longer be shipped as live cargo on any airlines. Persian cats available for sale in ohio from top breeders and individuals. Cats that are any of the tabby patterns classic, mackerel, ticked or spotted with patches of red coloring. Eldridges harrison blue and white male now resides in alaska. Written health guarantee with genetic health guarantee. Proven oebe bicolor producer with multiple females. Our breeding programs includes bicolor and solid colors persians and exotics.

Member, cfa persian breed council and ohio state persian club. Chocolate persians resource cat breeders of persians in. This is charlie, she is a very rare show quality lilac patched tabby. Breeder,persian,female, blue patched tabby and white for. At 56 december in moscow at the hugest multisystem cfa, fife, wcf, icu, ifa cat show in russia gran pri royal canin sybarit tanitha made 2 finals. Best kitten allbreed in the ring of cfa judge carla bizzel and 5th best kitten allbreed. Smokes have also played an important role in breeding tabbies. The worlds very first blue eye bicolor persian show girl. The cfa international cat show is a cat show hosted by the cat fanciers association. Persian tabby top cats the cat fanciers association, inc.

Mackerel, spotted, ticked or classic markings can show in the patches, and the tabby pattern usually shows more distinctly on. Mackeral tabby female persian now resides in north carolina. Advertise, buy or sell puppies for sale, kittens for sale and. Find tabbies for sale in columbus on oodle classifieds. Brown patched tabby, blue patched tabby, chocolate patched tabby and lilac patched tabby. Honestly, i would take 5 of her if i could, such a good sweet little angel. He is sired by sgc vita nova ceaser of templeparlor and out of ch vita nova cleopatra of templeparlor. Brown, blue, red, cream, brown patched and blue patched tabby. As specimens closer to the later established persian conformation became the more popular types, attempts were made to differentiate it from the angora. Box 12157, austin, texas 78711, 18008039202, 5124636599. Males may be red tabby, cream tabby, flame point or. Producer of multiple odd and blue eyed kittens in her first litter. Affectionate kittens available from national and regional winning lines. Like the whites explain earlier you must have a bicolor in order to produce more bicolors.

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