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Rethink afghanistan is a groundbreaking, fulllength documentary focusing on the key issues surrounding the war. If this is all we can come up with, the antiwar movement will remain a shadow on the wall of. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. The documentary was designed to create a public discourse and change public opinion regarding the american military presence in afghanistan following the september 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in america. Alan grayson presidential system central asia afghanistan. Filmmaker robert greenwald took a lot of grief for movie on afghan war policy kathleen miller raw story the leftwing filmmaker behind a documentary that questions u. By releasing this film in parts for free online, we are able to stay on top of news of the war as it continues to unfold. Produced by greenwalds company, brave new foundation, it is only 12 minutes long but packed with valuable and thought provoking insights, even with its limitations. The year is 2011, you are commanding the us army operations in afghanistan.

It has been reported that a proposal to send 3000 to 5000 additional us troops to afghanistan is being considered by washington to stabilise the kabul government in the face of the growing pressure being exerted by the afghan taliban. Defense department official is under investigation for using private contractors to track and kill suspected militants in afghanistan and pakistan. Rethinking madness a 2012 book by the psychologist paris williams which explores creative ways of. The war on iraq is a 2004 documentary film directed by robert greenwald that builds the case that the george w. For timeliness, robert greenwalds afghanistan documentary is.

From awardwinning filmmaker robert greenwald, creator of such films as uncovered. Karin werner is an independent consultant, with more than 20 years of experience in the deutsche. If you would like to participate, you can edit the article attached to this page. The bbcs damian grammaticas travels to the central highlands to assess the situation and asks whether the next us president will need to rethink americas strategy against al. Right now is always a good time to rethink afghanistan. We hope to raise critical questions regarding afghanistan that congress must address in oversight. A groundbreaking, featurelength documentary about the escalating u. This led to the war of credit hulton deutsch collectioncorbis, via getty images. Rethink afghanistan download watch rethink afghanistan. The role of civil society in promoting good governance in afghanistan.

Pdf the war on terrorism and natos role in afghanistan imrana begum abstract this article focuses on the war on terrorism and. Ravaged by war and in the grip of a terrible drought, the people of afghanistan are in desperate need of foreign help. Maybe yall need to download a couple of other recent military movies made by some of these as you call them left of lenin perverts. Rupert murdochs war on journalism is a 2004 documentary film by filmmaker robert greenwald about fox news channels and its owners, rupert murdoch, promotion of rightwing views. Rethinking afghanistans sticky icky quagmire huffpost. Taliban militants attack bagram air base rt usa news. Afghanistan country program evaluation, 200211 reliefweb.

Rethink afghanistan is a 2009 documentary by new brave films and filmmaker robert greenwald. Rethink afghanistan, a 2009 documentary by robert greenwald and brave new films, about the u. All publications are available for download at af, and most in. Troops, pakistan, cost of war, women of afghanistan, civilian casualties, security and solutions. Sign up to host a free screening of one of our films at your organization, school, faith group, community group or even in your living room. Women of afghanistan clip excerpt1 embed for hosted blogs and item tags. The film raises critical questions regarding afghanistan. Europe, aghanistan and the transatlantic relationship after. Pdf the war on terrorism and natos role in afghanistan. Documentary focusing on the key issues and raising critical questions. Should stop outsourcing to military contractors on sunday, the new york times reported that a u. Secretary of state mike pompeo announced the aid cut after visiting president ashraf ghani in kabul on monday. Greenwalds latest project, rethink afghanistan, is a sobering and timely look at the chaos in that country just as president obama has committed tens of thousands of troops for what he says will be a strictly limited military action.

This article is within the scope of wikiproject afghanistan, a project to maintain and expand afghanistan related subjects on wikipedia. Rethink afghanistan is a groundbreaking, featurelength documentary about the united states escalating military involvement in the afghanistan war. It investigates the main issues surrounding afghanistan, troops, pakistan, cost of war, civilian casualties, women in afghanistan, and terrorism, through the eyes of experts and the people of afghanistan. Rethink afghanistan parts 16 2009 robert greenwald the. For those taking it easy this week, theres also roller skating with ellen page and having fun playing god or inventing him, at any rate with ricky gervais. The film says this bias belies the channels motto of being fair and balanced the documentary had a limited theatrical release, was distributed in dvd format by the political action committee moveon. Afghanistan 11 changes the paradigm of wargaming and manages to bring counterinsurgency and guerrilla warfare to your screen, properly represented thanks to a revolutionary gameplay formula. Robert greenwald is showing rethink afghanistan, a skeptical view of americas war strategies, in five parts on the internet, with the implied. Afghanistan s crop yield is so high at 145 kilograms of resin per hectare that it overtakes other leading producers like morocco, where cannabis covers a larger land area but whose yield is lower, at 40 kgha. The afghanistan analysts network aan is a nonprofit, independent policy.

The german military and reconstruction engagement in afghanistan constitutes an important backdrop to the debates unfolding around the. Screenings are a great way to educate your community, motivate your constituents to take action, or to raise money for your cause. Publication date 2009 usage attributionnoncommercialshare alike 3. Afghanistan 11 is the sequel to the highly praised and innovative vietnam 65. He is a producer, director and activist, and his latest film is called rethink afghanistan premiering in new york tonight. I dont care if you were for the war a week ago, or last year, or ever since 2001. President obama has committed 17,000 more troops to afghanistan. But there are also some indications of a us rethink on afghanistan. No child left behind may be up for reconsideration in congress soon, but if current coverage of national math and reading scores is an indication.

Key findings german marshall fund of the united states. Rethink afghanistan is a groundbreaking, featurelength documentary about the u. Rethink afghanistan is a groundbreaking, fulllength documentary focusing on the key issues surrounding the war in afghanistan. Troops, pakistan, cost of war, women of afghanistan, civilian. Rethink afghanistan is a 2009 documentary by robert greenwald and brave new films, about the us military presence in. Watch rethink afghanistan full movie online 720p, 1080p hd download free. Stan karp on no child left behind, robert greenwald on. There are only americans putting forward their own policy choices for counter.

This weeks offerings give us the choice of walking with death or battling the undead. It is estimated that afghanistan produces 1,5003,500 tons of hashish annually, an industry involving 40,000 households. Jake diliberto of rethink afghanistan believes the growth of the taliban is a result of the afghan people not being a part of the rebuilding process. Taliban militants attack bagram air base 19 may, 2010 23. On march 22 the new york times announced a new online film by activist film maker robert greenwald called rethink afghanistan. Afghans speak out, negotiating with the taliban, robert greenwald in conversation with former cia agents robert baer and graham fuller, rethink afghanistan.

This decision raises serious questions about troops, costs, overall mission, and exit strategy. With regard to this, the authors conclude that a rethinking of each. Bush administration intentionally deceived the american people in order to justify going to war in iraq in 2003. The war in afghanistan and its potentially catastrophic impact on pakistan are complex and dangerous issues, which further make the case why our country needs a national debate on this now starting with congressional oversight hearings.

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